Please note: 

Engineer Kim Lewis has been Mike's GAS Audio Associate for the past 9 years. He knows GAS products as well as Mike does. In May 2015, Mike took a position as Engineering Director for VPI Industries. It was time for us to turn GAS Audio over to Kim! He has done fantastic work for the past 3+ years supporting our customers; he has all our original GAS parts and manuals.  Mike retains a very close working relationship with Kim ensuring that your GAS rebuild is consistent with and identical to anything that Mike has done. Their alliance continues to thrive in the application of new and  better electronic devices as well as in the two engineers' heads of ideas! Kim deserves a tremendous amount of credit and respect for accepting the challenge of keeping GAS Audio alive and moving forward.

That said:

Music has always been a very important part of our lives. Even in our youth, it was obvious that recorded music failed to convey the emotion and passion of a live performance; it became our goal to understand why this was and to resolve the distracting aspects of reproduced sound.

Our efforts and designs reflect a dedicated study and understanding of the art of reproduced sound. They present music in a manner every bit as accurate and passionate as the individuals creating it, allowing you to connect with your music as the artist intended.

Our research proves that circuit layout, grounding, and supply network implementation are critical to the low level resolving capabilities of an audio circuit. Controlling return loops of both the signal and the circuit biasing are also crucial. Our approach is based on extensive testing in strictly controlled circuit environments and through prototype construction, with listening tests the final arbiter. Our work reveals the purity and low-level detail retrieval that makes our products stand out and listeners take notice.

Listening to well-reproduced music should stop you in your tracks. Music should envelop you, and keep you wanting more until you realize you’ve forgotten to eat and stayed up way too late. We strive for this in our life and in our work.




Luminous Audio Arion Phono Preamp

Luminous Audio Arion Phono Preamp

The benefits and features of our products and services

  • The goal of each of our designs and restorations is to reproduce as closely as possible the chills and emotional involvement of a live performance. Our team has the expertise and patience to achieve this goal.
  • Our designs focus on low level resolving capabilities, minimization of circuit interactions that add congestion and background textures to the sound, and neutral retrieval of the most subtle information present in a recording. This is what makes circuits sound the most musical.
  • Carefully selected circuit components chosen for their applicability to the circuit’s needs, which minimizes inter-component effects and facilitates reproducing the most complex musical passages.
  • Warm, enveloping character. Mike has an artist’s ear for detail and musical accuracy.
  • Circuit stability with simplicity and elegance of design
  • High reliability based on years of studying component failure  
  • 2-year warranty with service provided by Mike
  •  Affordable, cost-sensitive products.  
  • Designed to meet your needs

We have an international reputation for excellence provided by an extensive family of customers and an exemplary body of work, including 24 U.S. patents. We are known for doing the electronically impossible and for developing unique approaches to engineering challenges.

Qualities consistent with Bettinger Audio Design’s work

  • Leading edge performance in intuitive designs
  • High reliability and long life
  • Simplicity
  • Honesty, integrity and craftsmanship