We at GAS Audio honor the memory and legacy of James Bongiorno, a true audio engineering pioneer whose contributions to the art of high end sound reproduction live on through his innovative Dynaco, SAE, GAS and SUMO products. The Gas and Sumo components resulted when audio engineering and a passion for music collided in the imagination of Jim Bongiorno. He was the first to produce a true, full, balanced, bridged power amp and a full complementary preamp. These circuits have been implemented in the products of many audio companies and are still used today. Jim was years ahead of his time, and his legacy will live on through his products and those that incorporate his concepts. His contributions and legacy are unsurpassed. You can learn more about James and  his accomplishments at www.ampzilla2000.com. We thank him, and honor the audio genius that he was. May he rest in peace.

May you rest in peace, Mr. B. Your legacy will live on through your products, innovations and contributions to people who consider music in their homes to be an important element of life. Thank you.