As of May 2015, FedEx has the most reasonable shipping rates. We'll post here if and when this changes. We don't recommend the USPS; of the 3 major shippers, they are the least gentle package handler. Sorry, Uncle Sam.

  • If using the original GAS packing boxes, please double box the original box in a slightly larger over box with at least 1” thick Styrofoam sheeting or peanut insulation filling the space between the boxes.
  • If the original boxes were lost long ago - or if their integrity has been compromised by sitting in an attic basement, use an inner box that is not much bigger the the amp or preamp for the best protection, as its main purpose is to create a firm protective shell for the component and will equally distribute the shipping forces from the outside of the box while holding the amp or preamp firmly in place.
  • Wrap the component in 1/4” to 1/2” bead bubble wrap or sheet Styrofoam before placing in the inner box. Also, the space between the inner and outer box should be filled with Styrofoam insulation, either peanut-type or sheets. If using “peanuts” ensure that they fully fill the box snugly. This keeps the inner box from settling in any direction from shipping vibration.
  • Sheet Styrofoam is sold at building supply stores; it’s used to insulate the foundations of houses during construction and is sold in sheets of varying thickness; we buy the 1" and double as necessary to fit a space. The styrofoam is easily measured and, when scored with a utility knife, will break easily into blocks that can be inserted to take up the space between either the component and the inner box or the inner and outer box.
  • Please don't place any paper or rough surface touching the amplifier meter faces; shipping vibration will scuff them.  We can buff them out to almost new condition but it takes time and effort - and still it’s only “almost new”.
  • It’s very important to avoid placing any packing material such that it puts any pressure on the front panel controls and switches. Insert Styrofoam blocks so they contact the front panels on the left and right edges of the faceplate to hold the preamp firmly without damage.
  • Insurance is cheap (up to $900) and highly insured packages tend to get watched closer and treated more gently, so insuring the package as the irreplaceable item that it is can help you rest easy that your amp or preamp will arrive without issue. With advances in tracking and the maturing of the shipping industry, we have experienced no shipping issues with the major carriers over the past few years.
  • We always let you know as soon as it arrives.

Useful packing guidelines: